Baking Supplies

Vredebest Packaging Mossel Bay in the Garden Route has extended their baking range with some BRAND NEW BAKING SUPPLIES.

The Extended Baking range includes the following:

• 12.5kg White Bread Cake Flour Stone Ground & Cake Flour Stone Ground
• 1kg Chellies Whole – Available in Green & Red
• 1kg Flake Almonds
• 1kg Cashew Nuts Whole W320
• 1kg Bokomo Bran Flakes
• 1kg Coconut Flakes
• 1kg Cranberries Dried
• 1L Dairy UHT Cream Kerry
• 1kg Dried Fruit Mix Standard
• 1kg Gelatine Grade 75 Standard
• 5kg Liquid Glucose
• 1kg Cocktail Peanuts
• 10g Dry Yeast NCP
• 180g Baumann’s Match Biscuits
• 454g Oreo Small Crushed
• 400g Peanut Butter
• 1kg Xylitol Sugar
• 740g Maraschino Cherries With Stalk

Visit us at 22 Industrial Road, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay or contact us on 044 695 1381 or per email