Return/Refund Policy


Due to the nature of our products and for health reasons we do not simply accept returns. Please choose carefully and ensure that you read the product descriptions and labels to ascertain whether the products contain any ingredients to which you may be allergic or which you refrain from consuming due to health, religious or moral reasons. Please ensure that you adhere strictly to use and storage instructions. Please ensure that all “use by” and “best before” dates displayed on the product, are strictly adhered to.

We are open to honest consumer complaints and should you find the product to be defective, harmful or wanting in any respect, please notify us immediately and return the product, together with proof of purchase within 24 (twenty-four) hours of discovering the defect or harm.
We shall not accept liability for damage, harm, loss or injuries caused as a result of your failure to comply strictly with the use and storage instructions, your failure to consume the product by the “use by” or “best before” date or if the damage, harm, loss or injury was caused by your own misuse, abuse or gross neglect in respect of the product.

Should we accept your return, you may choose between an exchange, refund or other mutually agreed, appropriate remedy.


Please ensure that you order the correct product and provide us with correct and detailed instructions in respect of special orders (orders made, cut, printed or ordered according to your instructions and specifications) as we do not give a refund if you simply changed your mind or made a mistake in choosing the correct product.

Should the goods be found to be defective within 6 (six) months after delivery to you, or should you find within 10 (ten) business days that the goods were wrongly described or different to the sample shown to you, you must inform us in writing and you may choose between a return, replacement or a refund.

We may charge a handling fee if the return is accepted by management.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that we may impose a cancellation fee should you cancel your order before delivery. The fee will depend on the nature of the order, the length of notice of cancellation received, the reasonable potential to find alternative clients for your order, the costs incurred by us in preparing/loading your order and the reason for cancellation.
Please take note that you may not cancel special orders (orders made, cut, printed or specially ordered according to your instructions and specifications) after we proceeded with the order.

Availability of Products

Please take note that, due to the variety of products available, we may not necessarily have stock on hand. We therefore request you to please enquire about availability of the product you require. Should we have to order the product you require, delivery can be made within 14 to 21 days business days from placing our order. Orders are always dependent on the availability of products from our suppliers.

Kindly take note that prices may vary from time to time due to a fluctuation in the financial order.


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